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35 thoughts on “PHP Pagination Class – Version 3

  1. Has anyone tried styling the links? I can do the majority but am failing at “previous”, “next” and “current” link. I would also like to style the drop down, but don’t quite know how the links at put together.

  2. hi, i’ve been using your pagination for a while and it was great, problem occured after i upgraded to PHP 7.1
    it says , “Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in paginator.class.php on line 81″,
    which is ” $this->limit_start = ($this->current_page current_page-1) * $this->items_per_page; “.
    so i assumed there is string variable on there (in this case is “All” for items_per_page).
    my workaround for this issue is adding intval so the code on line 81 become like this,

    $this->limit_start = ($this->current_page current_page-1) * intval($this->items_per_page);

    hope this help guys and the devs could make another great version of this.

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