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220 thoughts on “Huge Updates to jQuery Infinite Carousel – Version 2 Released

  1. This is definitely one of the best carousel/sliders out there; generally, I love working with it. I do have one criticism tho: while it’s nice that you don’t have to implement a CSS file to get styling, the fact that all the CSS happens inline and no classes are assigned makes it difficult to do much custom styling for different states. Specifically, I wanted to change the way that the thumbnails looked and behaved, and my only choice (other than editing the plugin itself) was to do some jQ selection on inline CSS attributes to figure out which thumb was active, and inject a CSS class.

    Should you ever code an update to IC2, I would humbly request that you add some conditional action based classes to things for custom styling.

  2. Nice Carousel. My only problem til now is for customizing the thumbnails css.

    When I add the styles below, for instance, it doesn’t change the borders but changes the font weight and the colors of the text+backgrounds normally.

    #carousel + div .thumb {
    background-color: #FFF;
    color: #000;
    border: 1px solid #000;
    #carousel + div .thumb:hover {
    background-color: #000;
    color: #FFF;
    border: 1px solid #FFF;

    I didn’t find a rule for the active thumbnail. Could you give us some practical example of how customize it?


  3. Hi,
    Is it possible to scale the image in the thumb so that you see the whole picture instead of the the part of the top left corner?


    1. I was able to get this work, for anyone interested. It’s not elegant, but served my purposes.

      -on lines 179 and 188, change:

      -then rename your thumbnails to the same as your large image plus .jpg. For example, car.jpg becomes car.jpg.jpg. If you’re using a different extension, then obviously change that.

      -The last step is to match your thumbnail size to the size listed in the scripts general settings.

      Apologies to the author for mutilating your nice code. ;) (but it works!)

  4. How would you center the thumbnail carousel below the main carousel images. For example I have a 700px wide rotating banner. I would like to center the thumbnail carousel directly below the main image rather than it defaulting bottom left as it is now.

    Help/Thoughts appreciated.

  5. Hi im using the carousel and it doesnt seem to work when only one image is in the specified directory. You may wonder why i need this if im only displaying one image, well the images a user uploaded and thus a user may only upload one, so hence is there a bug fix?

    1. A carousel of one image really isn’t a carousel is it? This carousel isn’t intended to work with a single image so I’d suggest not loading the carousel if there’s only one image to work with. I wouldn’t call this a bug either.

      1. thanks great plugin by the way, im sorry if i came off as a bit ignorant. Not very skilled with jquery. So do you know any ways i can keep consistency with the carousel, i.e. hiding captions etc.

  6. Hi,

    This is a great plugin. Really easy to implement.
    My javascript knowledge is very basic, so I was just wondering how difficult it would be to get the captions to slide left or right with the thumbnails and whether I would be able to implement such a thing with a little instruction?

    Thanks again


  7. Hello,
    I have problem with textholder background color. Is there any way to change whole text background? Not only p background at the best. I need not transparent color. Thank you.

    1. Olá Tomas,
      Eu mudei no arquivo “infinitecarousseu.js” (not jquery file), a linha:


      O padrão é: backgroundColor’:’#FFF
      Mas pode alterar para, exemplo: backgroundColor’:’#000 <– é a cor black
      Ou outra cor no padrão web

    1. Here the Left captions means the Left and right arrows to scroll images ,
      i want this both every particular images

  8. This is a great slider and looks beautiful too! Just wondering if it is possible to have multiple rows of images on show at any time? I would like to use this to showcase my portfolio.
    Many thanks! :)

  9. working on a website and use ur infinite carousel plug in…version2, i discover that description text is transparent…and i want to increase its opacity… how do i do that?

  10. Using the jquery infinite carousel 2, is there a way to display the captions for images below the images and still have the caption stay with the appropirate image when any movement occurds?

  11. Hi the plugin you prepared is absolutely gr8. But i need little bit help, i have used your plugin. Same time i am using a mega menu. But it creates problem to your plug in. As when i run the page the image go straight vertical and nothing happens. So can you provide me the solution for this. I am using it on live web site so plz guide me what i need urgent help…
    Thanks in advance…

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