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jQuery Before/After Plugin 1.2 Now Available

Version 1.2 of the jQuery Before/After plugin is now available. The changes in this version are minor and were made primarily to account for issues in Chrome and Safari when dragging the divider (apparently this is a webkit/jQuery issue involving the latest versions of each). I also cleaned up the code a little however the final size of the plugin remains about the same at a slim 7k (~4.5k minified). See this post for instructions on how to use the plugin and demos. The demos have been updated to use jQuery 1.4.3 and jQueryUI 1.8.5.

3 thoughts on “jQuery Before/After Plugin 1.2 Now Available

  1. Hey, i tried your pluggin and it is not working. I tried to follow exactly what you described but no luck. When i load jquery.afterbefore.min.js, firebox says jquery is not defined ! Can you help me on this !

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