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I Love Google Chrome But It’s Not My Default Browser

Google ChromeGoogle released version 5 of Chrome this week which they claim is faster then ever. It also comes with a bunch of other updates like syncing bookmarks and preferences, incognito mode for extensions, and more HTML5 support to name a few. It’s lean, it’s mean and it works great. So why isn’t it my default browser? Glad you asked. In no particular order…

  • No print preview. While this seems like a no-brainer, apparently Google decided it wasn’t needed. No public release of Chrome has had a print preview, although I hear version six is supposed to have it (fingers crossed).
  • No Google toolbar. Really Google? You make the toolbar  and you make a browser, yet you don’t make the toolbar for the browser you make? I love your toolbar and its the only one I use.
  • No sidebar for favorites or history.
  • No way to quickly see an image’s properties. OK, this is a small one but to see an images dimensions or file size you have to either download the image or view it through the element inspector. Too much hassle for such a simple feature.

There may be extensions that solve my issues but I don’t want to use extensions for things that should be a part of the browser. I’m sure I missed a few features that other would like to see built into Chrome, so what is Chrome missing for you?

2 thoughts on “I Love Google Chrome But It’s Not My Default Browser

  1. If you right-click an image in Chrome, you can select “view in new tab” (or something like that) and that will open the image in a new tab on white background and the tab name will be the filename and dimensions.

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