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New Version of jQuery Infinite Carousel on the Way

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be releasing a new version of the jQuery Infinite Carousel in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This new has TONS of new features and streamlines the existing code to make it more efficient, and includes many of the feature requests you have asked for. The new features include:

  • The ability to control how many images are displayed at once
  • The ability to control how many images are advanced automatically or when someone manually advances the carousel
  • Player controls can be disabled
  • Autohiding player controls
  • Autohiding image captions
  • Previous/Next buttons can be displayed over the images or outside and next to them
  • The path to the player images is set as an option
  • an Easy integration of the jQuery Easing plugin for cool transition effects (you can specify easing effects for the previous and next transitions)
  • Easy lightbox integration (tested with fancybox, colorbox, balupton, and leandroviera)
  • Callback functions
  • Disabling the automatic start of the carousel

Stay tuned for more information and a lot of demos. Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “New Version of jQuery Infinite Carousel on the Way

  1. Great Work on the Carousel. One request, can you make the captions animate/scroll with their associated images instead of dropping down then back up? It seems that would make more sense.

    Also, since you allow html in the caption, can you also make a version of the carousel that can use an instead of an tag? We may not always want to have a carousel of images. For example I might want to have an image, and some rating or other content scroll with the image all as one unit. The non image content would not really be a caption. So instead of having the tag be the units of the carousel, can we also have a fixed size ? That would be great.

  2. Hi!

    Great Carousel, I’m loving it!

    I just want to report you a little bug: the displayProgressBar: true; makes Firefox to consume high cpu (about 30% on phenom II 965 processor) and IE8 consumes about 22-25%. If property disabled the cpu load is back to normal (10% only when linear ease between images).

    I’ll be happy if you can resolve that little bug for the very next version. :)

    PS: I’m using your Carousel with Fancybox integration. If you think that my comment is inappropriate, feel free to delete it but keep in mind the bug ;)

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