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Use the Google Docs Viewer for Fast PDF Viewing

A shorty but goodie. For those of you that didn’t hear about this, a little over a month ago Google released their Google document viewer to be used anywhere on the web, which allows you to point to a PDF and open it much faster than the full version of Acrobat and the Firefox addon Foxit. It also lets you copy text, print, search, and view multiple pages on the screen simultaneously.

You can visit to build links that use Google’s viewer, or follow their instructions:

Technical Documentation – Instructions for building your own URLs

All viewer URLs should use the path This path accepts two parameters:

url: The URL of the document to view. This should be URL-encoded.

embedded: If set to true, the viewer will use an embedded mode interface.

For example, if you wanted to view the PDF at the URL, you would use the URL:

For a demo, check out this sample PDF.

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