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55 thoughts on “jQuery Drop Captions Plugin Released

  1. Please!! Help me!!
    How can i do to use this in wordpress.. i need to put the images in the post! i can’t use javascript there i dont know what to do.

  2. Are there any known bugs using this script? I can’t seem to get it to work.

    I call both js files in the header.
    I call the function $(‘.captionedimage’).dropCaptions();
    I gave the class=”captionedimage” to the images in the loop.
    I gave the img a specific “title” which the plugin should read and display.
    I added the class .caption with standard values in my stylesheet

    Did I miss anything??

  3. I found one small flaw. Animations on small images, menu or a tight image galleries etcetera without dequeue’ing always lead to funny behaviours.
    Fixing it makes life a bit easier.
    o.hideSpeed => {queue:false, duration:o.hideSpeed}
    the same goes to o.showspeed

    Hope it helps somebody.

  4. Omay gat diyorum. çok güzel olmuş çok iyi olmuş ellerinize ayaklarınıza sağlık panpiler..

  5. Hello is there any posibility to insert a custom div and to be used as a caption instead of the title attribute ?

    1. Sure anything is possible with jQuery, however you’d just need to hack the plugin to do this which is outside the scope of the comment system.

  6. Great plugin!

    I have a question—it seems that if the caption contains a great deal of text it can exceed the height of the image. When this happens, and the mouse is eased out, users can see the caption box transitioning outside of the image at the top.

    Is there a way to hide that so the caption is never visible beyond the top of the image?

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