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CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

Over the years I’ve needed a quick reference for CSS shorthand properties for things like font, border, and background. While there are a few decent cheat sheets out there for this, inevitably I end up having to pull them off my wall and read them because they aren’t clear enough. I finally decided to make my own and I’m making it available to anyone who wants it. It’s a one page PDF which should fit nicely in a wall or binder. It covers the three properties I mentioned above since I find myself using them the most. While it’s true that there are more CSS properties that can be written in shorthand, I find that they’re either a) easy to remember (e.g. color:  #123 versus color: #112233) or they’re infrequently used (e.g. outline?). If you notice any errors please feel free to let me know and I’ll update the sheet.

CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet in PDF format, or as a PNG image.

CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

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6 thoughts on “CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

  1. Thanks for posting this! Especially for a CSS-noob like me who keeps forgetting what order shorthands should be.

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